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ines de braganca

Yoga has transformed me, it restored my balance amid so much imbalance, it gave me understanding amid so much ignorance, love and calmness amid so much anger. I graduated as a yoga teacher not for a monetary reason but for a much more valuable cause. For a cause without price. I graduated with the desire to help people in the same situation as myself and show them that it's okay to be unwell, that we can shed our layers without fear, and realize that the only way to move forward is to look inward and trace the lines and path of our body and soul. Yoga is union, through education my goal is to unite  the movement and breath to achieve a holisitc, personal integration.

karol de souza

As cliche as it might sound I used to work a corporate job before I started teaching yoga. When I completed my bachelor degree in Business at Griffith University in Australia, I worked in the International Logistics industry for three years before I quit and flew to India for my first teacher training.

Even though I took a big loop to arrive where I am today, there had always been a dormant seed within my heart. My father as a holistic therapist has inspired me since a very young age to look at life in a different way. Together we practiced meditation and breath work in a very fun way from the age of 8. At the age of 15 I first tried yoga in my hometown in south of Brazil and after three years of practicing it religiously, I put yoga aside and set my foot to discover the world my own way.

I might have put yoga aside but life had other plans for me. I have been travelling and living abroad now for almost 15 years and everything I experienced in those years taught me so much but above all lessons the most precious one was humility....It took me a long time and a big loop in life to get back on track. I started teaching yoga in 2017 where today I chose to live in a small coastal town in Portugal, my dear Ericeira.

I am trained 500hrs yoga teacher and currently teach Vinyasa Yoga and Yogatherapy. I am also trained in Ayurvedic massage and Reiki Healing Therapy. My goal as a yoga instructor is to inspire and be inspired by others, help and be helped, teach and be taught. 



pedro barbosa

 From childhood I remember that I liked to feel working my limits, whether physical or intellectual, I always had a taste for exploring, researching, asking and discovering new things. Over time, on the way, I joined some sports, which I have always been very competitive, today I see that it happened not with my colleagues, but with myself, because I liked to feel that for giving me the best of me, everyone was satisfied.

​My parents and my family have always been very supportive for me in all my decisions and I will be forever grateful. Even when I did not know how to decide they showed me the path they considered the greatest to me, and that way I joined at my 18 years in a Law Univeristy in Rio de Janeiro.

​I had a quiet graduation, enjoyed pretty much the course and in the last semester I could pass in the brazilian lawyers order exam. To be honest I never had to study much, and I overused my intellectual ease in assimilating different contents. So I graduated with many hours of different law subjects, many hours of internships, and also a lot of time dedicating myself to things I like, beside it. At this point I didn't care so much about my law career, but it came up upon next.

​As I graduated already a lawyer, I pushed myself to work during the next four years as it. I was in some big firms in Rio, I also had my own office and in some time worked by myself. During this period I feel like I was missing something in my life. It's crazy, because even I had an awesome life, with all my family and friends around, in that comfort zone I didn't feel engaging my professional life, so something was not right for me.

ida finska

Ida Finska is a Finnish wellness professional and ambassador. she has dedicated 9 years of her life to studying emotional wellbeing in the field of yoga. She is an exercise advisor, licensed personal trainer and a licensed yoga teacher, and has developed an innovative program to teach Yin & Yang styles, chinese medicine & element yoga.

Ida’s normal day consists of a morning meditation, mantras, her own yoga practice, teaching yoga in different beaches and of course surfing with friends!

madalena vasconcelos

Yoga teacher certified by the Yoga India Foundation School. I started practicing yoga in 2010, at the age of 22, and 1 year later I first tried Ashtanga Yoga at the renowned Ashtanga Yoga Cascais School. The passion for yoga quickly changed my life, acting as a guideline on how to live a life with meaning and purpose, bringing happiness and peace. Since then, I have been studying and refining my technique and practice. In March 2018 I decided to travel to India to complete the Yoga teacher course. My purpose is to share the passion and knowledge that I have gained over the years through my yoga practice. As a teacher, I seek to help each student discover their potential and develop it. I accompany and adapt the practice of Yoga Flow to the needs of each student.

Patti Sebastião

My name is Patricia, but you can call me Patti. I am originally from Brazil but have been living in Australia for the last 14 years. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, I love spending time with loved ones and I have a hard time saying no to spontaneous trips. Yoga came into my life when I was facing some emotionally difficult times. I decided I need to change so I started to work on my self-growth in the form of meditation at first, and as you might know, these two practices are often associated. By reading books on meditation and seeing the name Yoga come up quite often I decided to give it a go and it only took a very short time for me to fall in love with how it made me feel. It is safe to say that my life was significantly transformed by this incredible practice. Today Yoga is an integral part of my routine and I am always curious about learning and discovering my own path in this journey. It is a real honor being able to help others on theirs too.
I hope you can join me for a class so we can be connected by the feeling of Yoga. Namaste!

Camila Ganon

My name is Camila Ganon. I am a Certified Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition, Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Practitioner and Founder of “Vegan Girls do it Better” Cookbook.

But in other words, I’m a plant-based vegan foodie that love seeing progress in people's health and wellness.

lisette vandervalk

My name is Lisette originally from holland and I have lived in Switzerland for the past 12 years. 

After  living in the beautiful swiss mountains decided, to do one crazy move and moved

to Portugal in the summer of 2018. 

I love this new adventure and enjoying the  energy of the ocean and the "almost" endless summer.​

 My beloved yoga journey started in 2007 .

I was drawn to yoga to improve my core strength after some vague complaints.

My practice became more than a passion after noticing benefits physically, mental and spiritual. 

 My classes incorporate principles from Hatha and Yin yoga, with the focus on linking breath to  the movement.

I will guide you through a conscious  yoga class by taking time to listen to the physical  and emotional body. 

I will share you some tools to reconnect with the authentic self.

​To me yoga is an individual life-changing journey of continual learning and change, the courage to hold everything in LOVE.

I studied with amazing inspiring teachers all over the world and I am grateful for all of them.