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Natural First Aid Kit

Use the healing power of nature in your everyday life, and get rid of side effects and intoxication.

If you have been following me for a while, you should be expecting me to always have natural remedies on hand. Don't get me wrong, I certainly believe that there is a place for modern medicine. However, most of the times we are better off going back to basics.

When dealing with mild to moderate health conditions, having some herbal and natural remedies on hand is a perfect way to restore the body's balance, avoiding side effects, and secondary intoxication.

Below are some of my First Aid favourites, and how they can help you.


Arnica oil is perfect for any kind of mild trauma. Bruises, inflammation, and pain. If you're sporty or have kids, this is definitely a must have.


Activated charcoal is something you never want to be without. This will help detoxify the body in case of a flu, food poisoning, upset tummy, diarrhoea, vomiting and food sensitivities. This should only be used for limited periods of time and not as a daily supplement.


These are plant extracts. They are an excellent way to experience the healing power of plants, herbs and roots. Echinacea tincture is an excellent immune support. Plantain tincture is excellent for cleansing and detoxifying the body. Ginger tincture provides excellent digestive support. Goldenseal tincture supports the respiratory system.


Eldeberry spary is excellent for sore and itchy throats. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties for instant relief.


This is a great way to prevent and treat diseases. Oscillococcinum is wonderful for the colder months. It is used both to prevent and treat the early signs of flus and colds. Belladonna helps to reduce fevers. Apis mellifica helps with stings and bites. Sedalia helps with anxious states.

All of these products should be very easy to find, and they build the perfect foundation for a natural first aid kit. If you want to learn more about a natural way of living, and find out which practices best suit you, book a discovery call with me to asses your constitution and develop a personalised plan!