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Let's talk Spirituality!

What it is, how it differs from religion, and how to practice it.

Hello everyone, so today I wanted to discuss a topic which is at the core of seed, and at the core of my life. That is, Spirituality.

Spirituality is sometimes confused with witchcraft, esoteric practices, and a hippie way of life. But at the core, spirituality, is this sense of being connected with something bigger than ourselves. Understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Spirituality is knowing that we are a part in this holistic whole. As a result, we strive to understand and look for the meaning in life, and what is it that connects us to this much greater system, and how we can both contribute towards and benefit from it.

The main difference between spirituality and religion is that in spirituality we understand that our purpose, our direction and our understanding can only be found within us, and it is there where we find the answers to all our doubts, questions and problems. . In religion, it is believed that these answers and the direction to follow our found and provided by someone above us.

I was raised a catholic and for many years practiced it. But as I grew up I began to raise questions and found the answers to be a bit ambiguous, which led me to adopt a neutral position.

My spiritual journey began five years ago when I first encountered and studied Buddhism during a trip to Sri Lanka.

I understood that all the events which take place from the moment we are born until the moment we die is helping us advance in our spiritual journey. It is helping us solve issues which were left unsolved from our pasts lives. Otherwise known as our karma.

Spirituality is realising that we are here to try and live our best life in order to advance towards transcendence and illumination, to be united with the whole.

This idea comes from the concept that everything is energy. And that when we die, our energy is transferred onto another energetic being. Therefore, when we are born we are carrying the energy of something or someone who lived before us. We will carry their karmic life, and with that, our aim is to solve those karmic issues in order to advance in our spiritual journey.

This energetic cycle only stops when we reach illumination, Samadhi or Nirvana. When we are able to reach the end of our spiritual journey and become the whole and not just a part.

I later on incorporated my YTT and expanded and developed my spiritual life further. Gaining a deeper knowledge of myself, and what it meant to live a good life.

Spirituality showed me that I am the only one responsible for my emotional, physical and mental state. Although I cannot control what happens In my life I can decide how I react to those circumstances, and how I show up everyday.

Although I cannot control the future and a bunch of other things in my life, I can control my actions today. And that is what a spiritual way of living stands by. What can I do today to enjoy a better tomorrow?

Spirituality is taking full responsibility and control over yourself and your contribution towards this cosmic coexistence. It is understanding that we are all a fundamental contribution towards the whole. Once we are able to see and feel this clearly and in an uninterrupted manner throughout our daily life, we have become it.

Here are some of the practices I adopt to explore and advance in my spiritual journey.

Meditation helps me understand my mental state and needs. My yoga practice and exercise show me how me physical body is expressing itself. Whether it is rigid, our out of balance. And these two things help me understand and better deal with my emotional self. So once again this leads us back to the idea of holism.

I am aware that I am part of something much greater than myself, and I know that this interconnectedness makes me responsible and accountable. Therefore if I want to experience good, peace and success I should act, think and live in a way that will promote and transfer that energetic frequency into the world.

Spirituality is a fascinating topic and it takes a lifetime to understand and talk about it, but I hope this might have clarified some of the questions you had. If not, feel free to message us and who knows we both learn something new!