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During daunting times, a mother and daughter decided to embark on a self- discovery journey. They had a desire, to increase their awareness of the mind, body movement and achieving long lasting wellness.

The result was Seed: a holistic concept with the ambition to provide our community with the foundations for personal growth and wellness.

Our team will take you through different immersive experiences, from yoga classes to personalized therapies, using a combination of ancient yoga and modern science



understanding the universal union, for a deeper self-awareness.

A  seed, when provided with the right conditions, develops its roots and grows into a plant, becoming in this way connected with the earth beneath it and the universe above it. Through the power of movement, Yoga helps you realise you are the seed.  


A seed prospers and grows in the silent depths of the earth  where the only sound surrounding it, is the energy it generates. It can be troublesome to quieten the mind, and concentrate on the present moment, to be comfortable with our own presence, and to simply slow down. At seed we offer you a walk-in meditation room where you can come and find the peace and quiet you need, at any time, to energize your inner seed.


holistic therapies

Even when a plant is fully grown, it still needs a gardener to take care of its rough edges and dead leaves. At seed we offer a wide range of therapies aimed at helping you achieve your optimum integral state, and enable you to keep blossoming.



We all known what it takes a seed to grow. By educating through events and workshops we hope to provide you with the tools you need to become deeply rooted.


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Avenida sabóia, 623 A,

2765-581, Monte Estoril,


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